Stay Slim, Trim And Healthy Upto The Brim; Master Martial Arts And Follow Fitness


Being healthy and fit is very important, especially for the younger generation these days. Health is to be given utmost importance which is actually neglected and people realize about their deteriorating health only when the helpless body starts showing symptoms of its depletion. `Prevention is better than cure` is what the very famous proverb explains.


This proverb holds good for everything in life and health and fitness is one most important thing among them. It is a good practice to always take care of your health on a regular basis rather than forcing it to get better when it falls ill. Being healthy makes you happy and fitness helps you stay fit. Health and fitness have always been a major topic and in today`s fast moving world, it has become even more important. People, in their busy everyday schedule, forget to take care of their health which is actually the magic potion that has been giving us the essential energy and nutrients for running the whole day.

Staying healthy and fit is actually not a thing to be attended to exceptionally for it is a regular thing like any other daily routine. Few tips and instructions that can improve and enhance the healthy living of a person are:Eating food on time- this is something that is completely absent these days. Right from the kids to the elders, everybody eats anything and everything that comes to their plate without paying attention to the health factors involved in it.


That being said, time is another factor that is to be given attention to. Body mechanism is such that once it is set or tuned to a particular routine, it will function in the same way unless there is some problem. Naturally human being`s body is set to function in a particular regime; morning breakfast that supplements for the lost energy during the long night’s sleep, lunch for the second half of the day and dinner for the night time. When food is taken accordingly, body will listen to you and provide you with all the essentials needed to run the show on a particular day. But do people follow this? No, many people don’t and only supplement these with some crunches and munches which starts affecting the body.

Another important thing is the essential sleep. It is a fact that a human body requires 8 hours of complete rest. But do all of us experience this? How many of us hit the bed on time for a fresh and active tomorrow? When sleep is ignored, understand that you have lost half of your next day for you will not be able to stay energized and the whole day goes for a toss.Along with the above two, exercise is another important thing which many people do not do.


The least to be paid attention to among the above explained three is this point. Exercise does not necessarily require a person to go knock the doors of a gym. Our day to day activities at home will suffice this need which, unfortunately is lacking these days. Development in technology is both a boon and a bane. We have devices and equipments for all our needs and hence depend on them for our home bound jobs which in turn reduce our efforts in doing the same. Remember that when exercising is ignored, fitness is ignored; when there is nil fitness, health is ignored; when health is poor, body becomes tired and ultimately deteriorates and in many cases it becomes difficult to bring it back to the normal state.

The above described are some of the essentials that are a must for a healthy and fit living. The first two points somehow try and fit in many people`s life but when comes to the third point – exercising and fitness, it is completely breached. The main reason for this, according to people`s verdict is lack of time. In fact, it is not lack of time but lack of interest and curiosity in dedicating time for this. As said earlier, exercises need not be necessarily done in the fitness centers. Taking up some simple ones like walking, running, jogging, yoga will also solve the purpose of putting the body to work and activity.

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